Argentine Ecommerce, pum up: moves $ 156,300 million and 260,000 products are already sold per day

Argentine Ecommerce, pum up: moves $ 156,300 million and 260,000 products are already sold per day

The times of fears and doubts when putting the credit card to make a purchase on the Internet seems to be over forever. E-commerce is consolidated in Argentina as an unstoppable  trend.

According to the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE), the sector already moves $ 156,300 million and had a growth of 52% in 2017.

“This growth is due to the fact that confidence in the modality consolidates the frequency of purchase and extends the categories of products that are acquired online.” Another important characteristic is that the conversion rate is increasing faster in mobile devices, this means that users who search through these devices now use them to close their purchases, “said Alberto Calvo, president of CACE.

A summary of the online sales market in 2017 (Cace)
Mobile purchases represented 27% of the total, compared to 73% that is made from computers. In 2017, the mix of devices from which products and services were acquired was as follows: PC, 38%; notebook, 28%, netbook, 7%; smartphone, 25%; and tablets, 2%. The only one that grew was smartphones that reached 25%, from 13% in 2016; all the others lost participation.

The boom data

Last year, 263,000 products were sold online per day, with a total of 96 million and an average ticket: $ 2,600 (19% more than in 2016). The strongest items in sales were tickets and cell phones, but those that promoted the category are food and beverages and clothing.

The top 5 of the categories that sell the most:

Tickets and tourism
Cell phones and phones
Electro and air conditioners
Non-sporting clothing
The items that grew the most:

Tickets and Tourism, $ 43,638 million
Equipment and audio accessories / image, consoles, IT and telephony, $ 18,361 million
Household items (furniture, decoration), $ 14,432 million
Food, beverages and cleaning supplies, $ 12,088 million
Appliances (white and brown line), $ 9,115 million
Flights, Hotels and Videogames are the most consolidated online sales categories. Growing, according to CACE, are located Computers, Cell Phones and Televisions, among others; and those that have the opportunity to develop, with potential, are Cosmetics, Beverage and Food.

The reasons for buying and not buying

The CACE investigation, carried out by KANTAR TNS, shows that 9 out of 10 Argentines have ever bought online, and that …

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